The World's Oldest Active 118'Sailing Yacht


"CARIAD", a Welsh word meaning 'beloved', was built in 1896 by Summers & Payne of Southampton, England for Lord Dunraven. Her graceful features span 36m LOA and 5.7m beam to displace 80 tons. She was the prototype of the racer/ocean cruiser reaching a sailing speed of 15 knots. Today, "CARIAD" is the oldest active wooden-hull yacht capable of circumnavigating the world.

We recently received some photographs of the Cariad during her around-the-world cruise from 1952 to 1953 from Vernon Penrose, a crew member of Cariad at that time. These photos were scanned and sent to us by his daughter, Kym Clayton. Thank you very much, Vernon, for sharing your memories with us, and thank you, Kym, for scanning and e-mailing the photos.

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