These photographs are of Cariad during her around-the-world
voyage from 1952 to 1953.  They were given to us by Vernon
Penrose who was a crew member of Cariad during this voyage.
We are deeply endebted to Vernon Penrose and his daughter,
Kym Clayton, who scanned and e-mailed these photographs to
us.  Thank you very much, Vernon and Kym, and thanks to
the Internet for making such things possible in the present.

Please click on the photographs to see them in full size.
Vernon Penrose at the wheel.

Cariad rigged in full sail during the Cowes Regatta, 1952.

Arriving at English Harbour, Antigua.

The crew gathered around the wheel. Vernon Penrose sitting in front by the compass.

The saloon down below.

Arriving in CT with storm damage.

Cariad arriving in port.

King Neptune. Crossing the equator.

From the top of the mast.

Cariad in port.

Scrubbing the deck, this hasn't changed with the times.

Looking up the mast.

Back home after circumnavigating the world. At the extreme left is Cariad's owner at the time, A. W. Flitton